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About us

Our story

Basso Legnami srl is a historic family company, whose activity was initially undertaken by Marco Basso in 1934.

Basso Legnami srl is a manufacturer, importer, processor and distributor of wood-based products. In 90 years of activity we have developed particular relationships with the producers of the growth areas of the various woody species 5 continents, and the raw material is sourced and tested directly in the best production areas. The selection criteria primarily follow the logic of environmental sustainability, legality, complying with the requirements of the EUTR, and the FSC and PEFC certifications of which the company boasts.

The structure in Italy has a sawmill, steaming and drying systems, as well as further special equipment that makes the company capable of transforming it into special products for various sectors, such as nautical, construction and furniture.
The company boasts the development and patenting of various products specials, including:

It is equipped with warehouses amounting to 110.000 m², Of which 40.000 covered, designed to guarantee the best storage conditions and timely distribution.

The company has had direct production in Africa since the 1980s. The hub in Gabon (GBNS link), in the capital Libreville, is equipped with sawmill, shearing, peeling and pressing plants for the production of multilayer plywood panels. Always specialized in international trading, the Company sells sawn, veneered, veneered and plywood products in direct supplies to all countries in the world.  The commercial organization, made up of highly professional people located in Italy and abroad, is ready to respond to every market request. 

Low Legnami is present in the countries of origin with own productions and with direct collaborators who follow the tests with scrupulous attention. The selection criteria primarily follow the logic of environmental sustainability and reforestation, complying with the requirements required by EUTR and FSC® and PEFC™ certifications of which the company prides itself. Supplies come from all five continents.

Low Legnami in particular, it has a long history of direct presence in Africa, where it has production and marketing exclusivity.

Basso Legnami production plants in Rovasenda
Basso Legnami production plants in Gabon
Marco Basso founds Basso Legnami
Basso Amelio "lands" in Africa!
First importation of Okoume into Italy
Guaranteed supply Congo is born
Guaranteed supply Gabon is born
Guaranteed supply Ivory Coast
Polo in Gabon - GBNS
New sawmill plant in Italy
New processing plants
Basso Legnami production plants in Italy

Countries where we work