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low timbers

Basso Legnami is an Italian company that operates with quality and innovation in the wood sector, producing and distributing lumber, veneer, veneer, plywood and special nautical products for the Italian and international market.

Nautical products

We specialize in supplying the highest quality materials for shipyards, which guarantee high reliability and…

Transformation of the raw material

Basso Legnami has the necessary equipment for transforming the raw material into ready-to-assemble products.

Design solutions

Floors and coverings for interiors and exteriors

International trading

Basso Legnami has always been involved in international trading of the raw material wood.

Timber production process

The lumber production process begins with felling the tree or, in some cases, planting the trees themselves. During the production process the raw material is processed and prepared, transformed into semi-finished material, based on the destination industry.


Our certifications


Different wood essences

Purchases and sales in

different continents

FOREST STEWARDSHIP COUNCIL® works to care for forests and those who depend on them: protecting plant and animal species, the rights of indigenous peoples, the safety of forestry workers and much more.

The Program for Mutual Recognition of Forest Certification Schemes is a global alliance of national forest certification schemes.

All products marketed by Basso Legnami comply with the due diligence requirements according to Regulation 995/2010

European Union Timber Regulation

REAL WOOD CONSORTIUM is the Italian brand that guarantees the authenticity of wood and products made with this precious raw material.

Specializing in testing, inspection, certification and engineering solutions across a range of markets, including marine, energy and mobility, real estate and infrastructure, space and defense and industry 4.0.